Friday, February 23, 2018

Why not?

Happiness is overrated and reductive. Seriously, try experiencing some other emotions that remind you that you're human and not just a fucking robot.

Don't go to work today. Tell them you didn't feel like it this morning.

Don't ask people what they do. Ask them who they are, and what they wish they did.

Hang out with strippers. Play chess with bouncers. They may bitch slap if you beat them, but might give you free cocaine to ease the pain. Same thing if you lose to them, but you will learn some new stuff.

Comedians are the best. Most of them drink too much. Just ask them for their opinions and you will never need to watch the news or go to church again.

Stroll into a store and ask which wine goes best with Fruity Pebbles cereal because milk is for babies and gives you gas.

Invite a friend over for an afternoon of popcorn and video games. Play and eat until your eyes and stomach hurt.

Who cares that you can't sing or dance?  It's a gift, not a competitive trait.

Take a walk to nowhere. Smell some flowers. Get lost and ask strangers for directions.

Talk to a tree. People talk to cats, and YOU are crazy? Trees breathe, drink water, give you air, food, and stay humble. Cats give you allergies and bullshit. They think they are in this world to be served as kings.

Stay awake to the disinformation. Sources are everything. Walter Cronkite is dead, and we buried journalistic integrity with him.

French-kiss a stranger. Have an educated opinion. Disagree with people. 

Draw something, even if you're shit. You might never become an artist, but doesn't it just feel nice to do something without validation?

Smoke a cigarette, smoke weed, drink green tea, drink beer... as long you made the choice or at least doesn't feel imposed.

You might need to smile for your freedom one day. Get some practice. 

Stop watching the news and go outside, even if "going outside" means doing so inside your mind. What does the world look like to you in there?

Love and learn to let go of love. Just try. It works. And it doesn't, but that's okay.

Try something, man. Stop following everything and everyone. Stop worshiping people who don't give a fuck about you.

Live your life, man. Split your last $100 with a homeless person and have a conversation. Maybe then you will realize that the idea of happiness they sold us our entire life is a trap that will have us living in fear more than hope.

Imagination is powerful. Create your own world and live in it.

Don't be afraid.

You are going to die.

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