Tuesday, April 26, 2011

To be, to become

To become a true artist, one needs to develop a STRONG stomach. Taking non-constructive criticism and outright rejection requires character. Staying the course demands discipline. To move forward, to move on, tremendous will power is indispensable.

Things, places, people and events we left behind cannot be missed if our mind is focused on the future, nor is keeping them in our brain a good use of the precious space inside. Still, we can only see with the eyes of our past for we are what we lived and how we reacted to those events, even the seemingly irrelevant.

Knowing the road ahead is plagued with thorns helps make peace with our destiny, if such thing exists, in our indefatigable quest for meaning. To seek no pleasures, but pursue knowledge for greatness sake. To be and to become, as they both combine in one.