Friday, January 28, 2011

Project Workplace. Research Journal Entry # 3

Jan, 2011

The firm has a Big-Brotheresque mentality to office behaviour. Every step you take, gesture you make, word you utter... Everything is observed. These handy samples of humanity will be methodically stored in a database for careful comparison with the established patterns of accepted behavior in front of clients. The ultimate test: "What if he or she did that in front of a client?". There is a sense of accomplishment in casually mentioning to somebody "senior", almost too leniently, how a certain colleague´s language, attitude or piece of clothing could be perceived in a negative way by a client. It is a culture of constant paranoia that renders very attractive short term results, at the expense of the group´s esprit de corps. A tribute to John Maynard Keynes´ "In the long run we are all dead", the economist´s equivalent to kicking the can down the road.

This research project I undertook with such limited enthusiasm may have just taken a turn for the better.

Project Workplace. Research Journal Entry # 2

Jan, 2011

A human specimen sitting behind me complained that I cough too loud and too often... to my boss! Apparently, he concluded that his effort was likely to be more effective if conducted at a higher level in the corporate structure.

Project Workplace. Research Journal Entry # 1

Jan, 2011

I am planning to extend a casual greeting to my fellow workers at the office. The main objective is to determine their human condition. I shall continue reporting on the progress of this experiment.


The greeting was returned in a polite manner by most of the subjects involved in the experiment. The nature of said greeting varied, depending on corporate hierarchy. Minions clearly appreciated being noticed, with the exception of Weirdly McCrazy. Peers acknowledged it, in the spirit of a misplaced sense of fair competition. Superiors smiled, in their flawed attempt to prove their blood is also red.

The above observation led me to formulate the following premise: Even the simplest social convention can be easily turned into means of establishing and consolidating corporate social status, a.k.a. organizational structure brought to the day to day social interactions.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Zodiac Killer

If you are depressed because your zodiac sign just changed, and now you don't know what describes you, let me help: You are a gullible idiot...,0,6672176.story

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Don't use a brand new year when the old one is just as good. Recycle. Do your part to save the planet.