Thursday, February 3, 2011

Project Workplace. Research Journal Entry # 4

Jan, 2011

A test conducted on the human specimens that inhabit the firm consists of showing up wearing something slightly away from the strict internal social convention - easier for males than for females, but also doable for the latter -. Even a slight tracking error from the established benchmark will spark comments that will be directed to your owner manager in turn. Said manager will then feel compelled to have "a talk" with you, preceded by a sincere pledge that this talk is being had "for your own good".

Add to the list of delinquent events arriving to the office in boots or sneakers (even if immediately removed upon reaching ones´desk), a not-sober-enough tie, too much hair gel, too little hair gel, shoes that have not been shined in the last 48 hours, etcetera.

On a chilly casual-friday morning, I arrived to the office on a kick scooter, which I carefully folded before getting on the elevator. That was not enough to avoid passive-aggressive comments of adequacy and client facing concerns. "What if a client or a senior officer saw you arrive riding the scooter?".

It is just too easy to incorporate the element of chaos in a carefully designed social environment solely focused on maintaining a poorly understood Pareto equilibrium.

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