Friday, January 28, 2011

Project Workplace. Research Journal Entry # 3

Jan, 2011

The firm has a Big-Brotheresque mentality to office behaviour. Every step you take, gesture you make, word you utter... Everything is observed. These handy samples of humanity will be methodically stored in a database for careful comparison with the established patterns of accepted behavior in front of clients. The ultimate test: "What if he or she did that in front of a client?". There is a sense of accomplishment in casually mentioning to somebody "senior", almost too leniently, how a certain colleague´s language, attitude or piece of clothing could be perceived in a negative way by a client. It is a culture of constant paranoia that renders very attractive short term results, at the expense of the group´s esprit de corps. A tribute to John Maynard Keynes´ "In the long run we are all dead", the economist´s equivalent to kicking the can down the road.

This research project I undertook with such limited enthusiasm may have just taken a turn for the better.

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