Saturday, December 11, 2010

The brass of the Titanic

September 2010

Yes, we are all polishing it. We are furiously passing our hands up and down the brass of the Titanic. It is the end of humanity what seems to be at stake, yet is the inevitable destiny. Yes, so little. What difference does it make to you? It is nothing worth carrying inside ones head. Therefore, life can should be good. Right?

Just try not to live by too many cheating people. Calling a team "Falcon Warriors" does not make its members more attune to air battle. I think the time to go has come. the bartender is looking at me with mean eyes. Maybe, it has been time to go for hours. Still, I am not interested in time or space at this very moment, on this very bar stool.

I am bored, at every level and in every sense. This is not the kind of fun I was promised. Not the one I thought about for years of swallowing souless work. We represent no difference. Selfishness is intragenerational. It knows no boundaries other than death. It is how we are wired. It is simply all we know...


  1. Detachment from world's problems takes us to feeling good just at the moment. Every passing second the earth doesn't shatter is a confirmation that "life goes on", therefore you can push aside the overwhelming anxieties that are associated with knowing the world is at the brink of collapse. Life must go on.

  2. Life must and does go on... until it doesn´t Monsieur.