Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mid-Year Performance Review

Today, I had my mid-year performance review. What a pathetic display of selfishness masked by that holier-than-thou attitude. It makes no sense at all to bring someone to present his achievements of the first part of the year, only to agree with him where it is necessary and provide "constructive" feedback to balance the discussion. 

Nothing would have made me happier than having a shaving blade and using it. The ridiculously careful combination of compliments with advice almost made me vomit. And to think another one is just around the corner... Does this make me a more capable Homo Sapiens? I think that, under the circumstances, I managed fairly well. Still, this could have been settled by fighting. Really fighting. Punching the lights out of your opponent should be the ultimate sign of dominance. Next time, I may test their manhood by spitting at them for any "area of opportunity" they point out. Slapping them for any advice for improvement. This is supposed to be a jungle, not a kindergarten playground. Life is so different from how it should be...

Is this essential to our survival?


  1. No es esencial para sobrevivir, pero tampoco es la muerte, es un rito. Es uno de los pocos momentos en que el jefe tiene una manera sancionada de decirte que tan mal le cáes y cuanta envidia le generas y todo lo que tiene que hacer es usar los términos aceptados: "area de oportunidad", "constructivo". Usalo a tu favor y no te lo tomes personal; aunque si es!

  2. I try to use it in my favour, but also take it personal. People who lose their hair think they can make up for their loss by bullying others...